Pizza Planet


If you get the reference in this piece's name I'm sure we'd be friends. Pull out this Pepperoni packed LED Neon slice and let the imaginary cheesy aromas fill your space. A piece for any true Pizza fan or connoisseur alike.


  • Handmade 12V sign is fixed to high quality clear acrylic
  • 2 pre-drilled holes for our Mounting Kit (included)
  • 2 meters of thin (2mm) transparent cable leading from the sign
  • 24W LED Power Adapter - which adds an extra length of reach. (Wall plug setup will be applied from the order's origin)
  • Remote Dimmer included at no extra cost. P.S. Remote dimmer does more than just dim (Party Modes)

Measuring in at:

323 W mm x 322 mm H (12.71" x 12.67")

Our signs use LED flexible neon and last for up to 50,000 hours of continuous use, that's 5 years running 24/7!

I'll grab a slice