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If this light is sold out and you'd like one don’t worry! We can still make you one to order for the same price, just pop us a message here - you'll even get to choose whichever colour you'd like!

If ya can’t grow one you can at least have this guy on ya wall. One of our Rad team members used to rock a mo like this, so here’s to you Isaac. Bring it back.

If you'd like this design in a different colour, just pop us a message here


  • Handmade 12V sign is fixed to high quality clear acrylic

  • Pre-drilled holes for our Mounting Kit (included)

  • 2 meters of thin (2mm) transparent cable leading from the sign

  • 24W LED Power Adapter - which adds an extra length of reach (Wall plug setup will be applied from the order's origin.)

  • Dimmer Remote is included at no extra cost. P.S. Dimmer Remote does more than just dim. See our extras guide for a little more info here.


493mm x 126mm (19.41" x 4.96")

Learn more about the benefits of using our signs here

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