If you get it how you live, our $$$ LED Neon is the piece for you. I mean what's the fun of having all that ca$h and not being able to flaunt it... or at least pretend. Alternatively these could make a great additive to any bar or dark environment where wavy customers may have trouble navigating their way to pay.


  • Handmade 12V sign is fixed to high quality clear acrylic
  • 2 pre-drilled holes for our Mounting Kit (included)
  • 2 meters of thin (2mm) transparent cable leading from the sign
  • 24W LED Power Adapter - which adds an extra length of reach. (Wall plug setup will be applied from the order's origin.)
  • Remote Dimmer included at no extra cost. Remote dimmer does more than just dim (Party Modes)

Measuring in at:

341 mm W x 469 mm H  (13.42" x 18.46")

Our signs use LED flexible neon and last for up to 50,000 hours of continuous use, that's 5 years running 24/7!

I get it how I live
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