Radikal Neon v Traditional Neon

Neon is now a completely attainable medium for your space.

Aspect Radikal LED Traditional Gas
Light Source We use SMD2835 LED which contains lots of little high quality LEDs. We don't use DIP LED like many of our competitors. DIP often leaves small gaps. No gaps with what we use! Flourescent Neon Gas (Not so safe! Particularly for in home use where kids or drunk adults may be)
Power 12V into 240V transformer 3KV – 18KV (Killer volts. It's in the name)
Electricity Efficiency Uses very little electricity. About the same as standard household lightbulb.
(Cheaper to buy & run + you'll be saving the planet using less power)
Higher Power consumption = Higher electricity bill
Durability Very unbreakable Fragile
Lumens (Brightness) 210 Lm/m (6% brighter) 197 Lm/m
Lifespan Can last for up to 50,000 hours 70,000 hours. Longer lasting, but also more expensive. You could replace your LED sign with a brand new one at a lesser cost than the big power bill
Environment No Mercury Mercury Pollution
Noise & Heat No noise & very mild warmth to touch only after hours of use Buzzing & hot to touch
Installation Comes with simple hanging kit, like a picture. Lightweight too Professional required, not simple to adjust or remove
Transportable Lightweight and not fragile, take all around the world by simply placing in your luggage Gas Neon cannot be shipped and would risk being shattered