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We do personalised LED Neon Signs made to order, anything your heart desires and your mind can fathom. Weddings, events, business, in your home - big, small & even BIGGER - we can make it a reality! Fill in the below with as much detail as you can, once we've established what you want we'll give you a quote. Please note it can take up to 48 hours to receive final quotes. As each piece is hand made, we endeavour to have custom signs produced & couriered to you in only 3 - 4 weeks from day of design sign-off. We can also arrange for even faster priority production if a sign is urgent. Just let us know below.

Check out our Handy Extras Guide too, detailing all the extras we offer to make displaying or controlling your piece that much easier. All Hanging Wires & Mounting Pins are complimentary with any Custom purchase too!

Also check out our full colour range for a good idea of our vast colour palette!

All Design & Quoting services are totally free! No matter what decision you make!

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