About our Product

Our designer Neon Signs & Wall Art are handmade by a range of craftsmen using varying methods to produce a high quality product. This can occasionally provide small differences from in each piece, so each one bought varies ever so slightly from the last. Making each sign unique in it's own right.

Why LED Neon over Traditional Glazed Neon?

All our signs use a flexible LED neon, a new-to-market solution specifically designed to replace traditional glazed neon in signing. We use this as it makes the product attainable for everyone. This is done by making each sign reliable, essentially unbreakable and of a very low cost to run with minimal electrical output. Providing a solution to issues typically faced by traditional glazed Neon.

How long will your signs last?

Generally each LED bulb has a lifespan of 50,000 hours which means if it is on everyday 24 hours a day it will typically last 5 to 6 years, which we think is a a pretty long time. Each piece comes with a dimmer remote which can notably enhance this period (and also has a few mystery lighting modes included). Each sign also comes with a 1-year electrical warranty from date of purchase.

How safe are your Neon signs?

Our LED neon produces relatively no heat, there is also no gas or risk of shattering of glass like traditional Neon. Each piece is made entirely of spefically designed light tubing and acrylic which is not only safe to touch but good for the environment too.

How do your Neon Signs connect to Power?

All our signs connect directly into any standard power socket (we supply plugs for any country at no extra cost), there isn't any hard wiring required like traditional Neon. Each sign comes with a specifically certified 12V transformer. All our pieces have UL, CE and SAA certifications to ensure your safety and quality of the product.

Do you guys do customs designs?

We do custom LED Neon artworks made to order, anything your heart desires and you mind can fathom. We can make it a reality. Try to fill in the below with as much detail as you can, once we've established what you want we'll give you a quote.
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